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About me

Hi there! I'm a brand, business and communication strategist since 2002. Beyond that, I'm a developer of strategic processes and frameworks and leader of collaborative sprints and creative methodologies - of which I also teach on these kind of subjects (creativity, innovation, collaboration methodologies, design thinking and so on).​

Working in some of the most remarkable advertising agencies in the Brazilian market, with deep expertise in varied segments, among them: financial & banking, telecom & connection services, healthcare, food, beverages and retail.

With many works recognized in the main local and global awards, such as several Cannes Lions Festival (the world's leading creative industry award) including the Glass Grand Prix 2021and +20 Effie Awards (the world's leading strategic effectiveness award), including 2 Grand Effie Brazil (2017 and 2021). In 2009 I was elected Young Planning of the Year, as a top advertising & communication strategist under 28 years within the country.

As a business and brand strategist, my personal goal is to search for gaps in markets and society where companies can step in and solve people’s problems at the same time they grow their businesses.

There is no sense in seeing market numbers grow without legacy, purpose and positive impact for the whole.

About me



Where I've been

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Since 2023 - Head of Strategy at Artplan Sao Paulo, among the 10 largest advertising agencies in the Brazilian market and part of the Dreamers Group, the largest independent communication and experiences group in the country.


From 2013 to 2021 - Head of Planning & Strategy at a marketing and communications agency, part of WPP Group, specialized in advertising, digital and social media, brand experience (BX) and customer experience (CX).

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 From 2021 to 2023 - Partner and Strategy Leader for acceleration sprints focused on communication projects, branding, product development and services. ADA is an agile strategic consultancy to solve complex business challenges. 


From 2010 to 2013 - Group Planning Director at the iconic Brazilian ad agency, part of DDB Worldwide & Grupo ABC (Ominicom).

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Since 2018- Teacher (on demand) of several collaborative, creative and innovation disciplines such as Ideation Sprints, Design Thinking and Problem Solving at one of the most prestigious marketing and communication strategy schools in Brazil.


From 2007 to 2010 - Planning Manager at the Disruption® Company, part of TBWA Worldwide (Ominicon).



Companies & Brands I've worked with


Cool stuff

Works & projects I've been meddling in


Frameworks can help all of us speak a common tongue and collaboratively design better proposals for a better world.

Over the years I have studied, used, invented and adapted various frameworks for business, brands, ideas, services and so on. Free Frameworks is a personal project that aims to freely share them so that more people can get to know, apply and adapt models and methodologies that enhance their thought designs. And hopefully, encourage innovation dynamics among teammates with a society-centric approach.

Personally, I know by test and fact that frameworks can not only facilitate communication within multi-disciplinary teams with different languages ​​and skills, but can also be powerful tools for transforming empathy and purpose into action: tangible proposals, ideas and a legacy for whom we will be developing any project - the people and society.

Feel free to download the ones you want bellow, that I came up with during the past years, and use them where and how they would suit you best.


Frameworks Available for Download

Note: files are in PDF format and in Portuguese. For English and editable PPT versions, just reach me ;-)


Briefings & Business Ambitions

The way something starts says a lot about how it will end. This frame was thought to help to draw a simple starting point, with the essential information to start various types of projects.


Problem Crafting & Insight Design

Tensions attract the eye and, therefore, are opportunities for brands to present themselves in a useful and striking way. This model was designed to draw interesting and pepper-filled problems, which are the basis of any good insight.


Problem Crafting & Insight Design

It is common to think that some fact (a number, data, situation) is the real problem in itself. But a good problem design goes beyond the facts. This frame helps to interpret facts as clues, which help us to analyze and understand what is behind one or more facts.


Business Ambition & Purpose

There are things brands tell the world that should be more important as an impulse within the company itself. There are other great things brands intend to ignite internally, but even before that happens, they decide to speak out loud to the world. This framework aims to help put things in order: what is important to say to society versus what is crucial to internally boost existence of a company's purpose.


Attributes & Reputation

A brand's reputation is not based on rhetoric, but on tangible attributes and legacies that are the real arguments for what it is capable of delivering to people and society. This frame helps to organize the core arguments and build a strong reputation based on them.


Positioning & Storytelling

Brand keys are great. But far beyond allocating phrases in boxes, a good brand key tells a story. This frame has the purpose of helping to make a brand key with a plot, which connects a desired reputation to a purpose of existence and positive impact in the world.


Context & Journeys

Life is made up of cycles. Some short, some long. This framework helps to analyze these cycles and find relevant moments for the brand to intervene positively in people's lives.


Context & Micromoments

A moment can be seen as just a photo, a picture or a frame on a bigger journey called life. Looking at this frame with empathy and capturing the nuances of feelings, thoughts and needs is essential for a brand to be relevant at the right time.


Influence & Behavior

We may often think that we think and act on our own, that we built and have our own opinion. But the (scientific) truth is that the biggest part of our way of being and acting is born out of the observation and mimicry of our network of influences: the real greatest agent for any change in habit, thought or attitude that we may wish to trigger.


Commsplanning & Idea Systems

When you think about building a communication ecosystem, do you still pass people through a funnel? The truth is that what happens in real life is more like pinball games. You set up the whole stage and the consumer (similarly to the Pinball's ball) enters and navigates inside this system the way and how long they want. So you better create a nice stage (journey).


Commsplanning & Idea System

A big idea is made up of parts of several ideas in synergy. This model seeks to help organize, distribute and prioritize an ecosystem of communication and channels around the same big idea.


Service Prototype & MVPs

The best interference a brand can make in the lives of people and society is not exactly a brand campaign, but a useful legacy of service, product or experience that, in itself, can be much more impactful, useful and full of meaning than any well-crafted advertising message.


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